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No orthodontic referral needed for initial visit

Are you noticing something concerning with your child’s smile? Maybe they have some crowding present or a tooth out of place. If this is the case, don’t delay in making an appointment for an orthodontic evaluation. At Vivid Orthodontics, we do not require an orthodontic referral from your child’s dentist for an appointment.

Initial consultation for peace of mind

Taking a proactive approach to your child’s oral health will definitely benefit both you as the parent, as well as your child. Your dentist may not make a orthodontic referral, so take charge and schedule your child if you have concerns.

We prefer to see children for an initial orthodontic consultation by age 7, which is also the recommended age by the American Association of Orthodontists. An early consultation allows our doctors to spot potential issues that may require interceptive treatment. Treating certain issues early on can reduce the need for more complicated treatment in the future.

During a complimentary consultation, we take diagnostic records, including photos and x-rays. One of our wonderful doctors, Dr. Michel or Dr. Maslowski, also perform an exam and determine what treatment plan will be best for your child’s smile.

(Learn more in our guide to pediatric orthodontics.)

Monitoring is key

If they don’t have any treatment needs at the first visit, your child is put on our recall program for complimentary observation appointments during which we monitor them as they grow. The observation period is perfect for getting your child acquainted with our office, doctors and staff. The familiarization with our office will make their orthodontic journey more comfortable if they do need treatment in the future. Observation appointments also allow our doctors to time out exactly when orthodontic treatment should take place as we will continuously evaluate growth, tooth development and maturity.

Appointments available

If you think it’s time for braces for your child, call us at 920-739-2400 to schedule a complimentary consultation. We proudly serve the Appleton area, including Neenah, Menasha, Little Chute, Grand Chute and Kaukauna.