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Braces emergency: Know when to call

Various brackets, wires, elastics and other appliances are used during orthodontic treatment to achieve a marvelous result. Unfortunately, some appliances can cause discomfort and different pieces can come loose if not cared for properly. Read on to learn what a true braces emergency is and when to call us for a repair.

What is a braces emergency?

Severe pain and swelling are not normal situations that orthodontic patients should encounter. If this occurs, contact our office IMMEDIATELY. Trauma to the face, teeth and braces can also warrant emergency care. In some cases, referrals to a general dentist, oral surgeon or other specialist may be necessary.

When is a repair necessary?

Even patients that take immaculate care of their braces and appliances can have something come loose. Most commonly, brackets or elastics will come off. These situations do not usually warrant emergency care. Call us at 920-739-2400 during regular business hours to schedule a repair appointment.

Appliances such as expanders and space maintainers should also be repaired if they break or come loose. Lost retainers, poking wires and broken bonded retainers (wires behind the teeth) require repair appointments as well.

Discomfort is USUALLY normal

The first few days of wearing braces or a new appliance is an adjustment for every patient. Our assistants will provide wax and other products/suggestions to help if anything is rubbing or poking. Often times, consuming softer foods, drinking cold water and avoiding taboo foods such as sticky candies and popcorn are helpful in mitigating discomfort. If you have tried all of the tips and tricks given, contact our office to speak to an assistant for further troubleshooting. Repair appointments are sometimes necessary to alleviate discomfort.

Contact us immediately for a braces emergency

Call our office at 920-739-2400 for any true orthodontic emergency involving severe pain, swelling or any major trauma to your teeth or braces. A staff member is always on call to assist outside of business hours should a braces emergency occur on a night, weekend or holiday.