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Do I Need Braces?

The benefits are more than just straight teeth

Getting teeth straightened isn’t just about a great smile. When you ask yourself, “Do I need braces?”, it’s important to remember straight teeth also make it easier to clean and care for them. This means your fixed overbites, underbites, crossbites and crowded teeth will result in less cavities and pricey dental work.

Braces can also fix other issues you might not have considered, like misaligned jaws, speech impediments and breathing problems such as snoring.

At Vivid Orthodontics, we believe in the benefits of braces and helping you live a confident life. If you are experiencing any of the issues below, now may be the time to consider braces.

Problems Braces Fix

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Overbites and underbites

Overbites: The upper teeth stick out over your lower teeth, which can lead to premature tooth wear, and in severe cases, can result in lower teeth biting into the roof of the mouth.

Underbites: The lower front teeth are too far out in front of the upper teeth, creating abnormal tooth wear.

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Crowding and spacing

Crowding: There is a lack of space between existing teeth for new teeth to move into their correct spots.

Spacing: Too much space may exist between teeth due to missing teeth or having different sized teeth.

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Crossbites and openbites

Crossbites: These occur when the teeth come together and the upper teeth are on the inside of the lower teeth. This can lead to poor chewing, premature tooth wear and jaw misalignment.

Openbites: The teeth don’t meet when biting down, which is frequently caused by thumb and finger sucking. It often affects chewing and can create significant tooth wear.

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Ready to live a vivid life?

If you’re asking yourself, “Do I need braces?” we can help you answer that question with a complimentary exam. Contact us or call (920) 739-2400.

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