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Confident Aligners

Live bold.

Our clear alternative to mail-order

Mail-Order Danger

When people go in search of an affordable Invisalign alternative, some make the choice to use a mail-order supplier—a limited option that can create damage instead of results.

Mail-Order Limitations

Mail-order options can only align teeth by pushing out or pulling in, with no attachments for making minute adjustments. They also:

  • Can’t fix bite problems.
  • Can cause issues with joints and muscles.
  • Don’t always offer a personal consult.
  • Can result in permanent damage.

Our Monitored Alternative

Vivid Orthodontics offers Confident Aligners, a clear aligner system monitored by our on-staff orthodontists. If we determine this system will fulfill your needs, we’ll use these invisible clear braces to provide you with perfect alignment while our experts ensure you have the proper treatment to keep your teeth and jaw safe.

How it works

Take a scan

If we determine you’re a proper candidate for this treatment after an exam, photos and X-rays, one of our on-site doctors takes a digital scan of your mouth.

Make a plan & print

We build a timeline toward your perfect smile and 3D print your aligners on the spot.

Change weekly

Aligners are easy to put in and take out. Each week, you’ll switch to the next aligner in your plan.

Do your happy dance

After 8-10 weeks, you’ll come in. Most patients are looking good and done! Some patients may need a little more time. If so, we’ll make a refinement plan and send you home with additional aligners.

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Confident advantages to find your fearless side

Confident Aligners are the mail-order alternative that offers a number of advantages:

  • We have expertise: Our board-certified orthodontists ensure you get the help you need.
  • It’s guaranteed: We guarantee a healthy journey to revealing your perfect smile.
  • Personalized care: We are there with you through this process.
  • Price: Confident Aligners are comparable to other mail-order suppliers.
  • Appearance: Unlike metal braces, these are almost invisible.
  • Timeframe: Your new appearance is generally only 8-10 weeks away.
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An affordable option

We have flexible payment options to help you live your best while staying within budget. We’ll discuss costs and payment methods during your first visit.

Don’t hold yourself back …

If you’re looking for a mail-order clear aligner alternative that includes the expertise of board-certified orthodontists that protect both your smile and your safety, call us at (920) 739-2400 to learn more about these invisible clear braces, or set up your complimentary first visit.