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Adult Orthodontics

Live carefree with adult braces or aligners

Nothing should hold you back from embracing everything life has to offer – including fixing any mouth problems or giving yourself a boost of confidence.

Adult orthodontics is currently the fasting growing segment of the industry, with patients of every age getting adult braces, Invisalign® or another type of aligner.

It’s easy to see why. Just like kids, adults want straighter teeth for a variety of reasons, from making their smile beautiful to improving their self-esteem to taking better care of their overall health.

And overall health is an excellent reason to look to adult orthodontic treatment. Adult braces and other corrective treatments can reduce enamel wear, tooth decay and gum and bone loss resulting from crowded or misaligned teeth.

Bold or invisible or in-between – your life, your choice

african american girl with metal braces and nose ring

Make a Statement

Create a personal statement using traditional metal braces with bands in a variety of colors.
closeup of ceramic braces


Don’t want your braces to be so noticeable? Ceramic braces feature clear brackets that are almost invisible.
closeup of clear aligners

Nobody Needs to Know

Want them to be even more invisible? Custom-made, clear, plastic Invisalign® aligners fit over your teeth to slowly and gently shift them into place, with no food restrictions.
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Let’s talk about your teeth

We have practiced adult orthodontics on patients 20 years of age and older. Initial consultations are free. We’ll discuss a treatment that’s right for you—with or without a dentist’s referral.

If you’re concerned about your teeth alignment, or just want to be your best self, call us at (920) 739-2400.

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