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Confident Aligners Vs. Invisalign®

Which aligner is right for you?

At Vivid Orthodontics, we know many people are wondering whether or not they should use mail-order aligners as a cheaper alternative to Invisalign. We have a better approach – let us help you decide if you need Invisalign or if something simpler will work for you.

Without expert oversight, people using mail-order systems often fail to solve bite solve problems, cause additional muscle and jaw joint problems and are unable to receive the fine-tuned adjustments needed for success.

Vivid Orthodontics offers both Confident Aligners and Invisalign. The one that’s perfect for you depends on how simplistic or complicated your case is.

Customized to a Tee-th

Vivid Orthodontics starts by taking an exam, photos and X-rays. If you’re a candidate for using aligners over braces, we’ll take a scan to determine which aligners system is right for your needs.

Fast and Simple

We’ll offer our Confident Aligners system if your teeth concerns:

  • Can be fixed in approximately 8-10 weeks.
  • Consist of simple alignment issues.

With our Confident Aligner, we 3D print your aligners in-house, so you can get started right away.

Complex and Advanced

We’ll suggest Invisalign for your teeth if your issues:

  • Will take longer than 10 weeks to correct.
  • Deal with advanced alignment issues.

With Invisalign, we send your scans to their lab for production. Once we receive your aligners, we’ll have you come in to get started.

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Next steps

After 8-10 weeks of changing out your aligners at home, you’ll come in for a progress check.
With Confident Aligners, you’ll most likely be done at that point, but if not, we’ll print additional aligners to complete your treatment plan.
With Invisalign, we’ll make sure you are on track, then we see you again every 8-10 weeks until your treatment is complete.
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Mouth needs?

We’ve got your back. If you’ve got more questions about our clear aligner alternative, Confident Aligners, or just want to know, “Who can I talk to about Invisalign near me?” give us a call at (920) 739-2400.